Lhasa Apso Kennel


We are Pilar Díaz Y Estíbaliz Domínguez: owners of the Sorgiña-Meiga's lhasa apso kennel.

In 1994 we entered the breeding and dog's shows with our lhasas, but we don't want to bore you neither with our history as breeders, nor our dog's stories. For us they will always be the prettiest and the best one.

Sorgiña-meiga means witch-witch in Galician and Basque languages. Got it understand?

According to the breed standard, Lhasas are prudent and suspicious dogs with people they didn't know, althought they are cheerfull, loyal and quiet whit people they know. They rarely bark, only when they have to warn about something unknown.

Our experience is that most of them meet these standards, but there are exceptions. In our kennel we have somo dogs you could take with you just showing a dog leash!